The World’s Greatest Blender

October 18, 2021

  1. Bill Tonkins says:

    A most informative and enjoyable read. I have never been that fond of Merlot and do not have it in my Cellar, which is well stocked with a wide range of your wines. I shall be buying some now though because the other evening we had a Bridge event at our house and one of the players brought a 2017 Veritas Merlot. Talk about “Coals to Newcastle”! Well I enjoyed it immensely. It was most quaffable. Extremely easy to drink! It was not so intense and suits my aging palet. Much like I no longer like the Hoppy bitter beers and favor the lagers and wheat beers. I shall be stocking my Cellar with your merlot for sure.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it- 2017 was a great year for all our varietals.

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