The Dark Days of Cabernet Franc are Over

October 26, 2021

  1. Bill Tonkins says:

    Thanks Andrew! Some well researched quotes. I didn’t know that Cabernet Franc was now being widely planted in Italy.

  2. Veritas Winery says:

    Thanks Bill,
    Cab Franc is mostly planted in the Bolgheri region which is Tuscany by the sea.

  3. Thomas Molitor says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Yes, I went away from Loire CF due to producers seeming to think that the presence of detectable pyrazines (an aroma compound found in CF giving off aromas of bell pepper and green peppercorn) was a sign of terroir.

    In the past year I have returned to Loire CF and have experienced a dramatic drop in the presence of pyrazines. (By the way, the same goes for CF in places like Friuli, Italy.)

    Good vineyard management appears to be the best way to tame pyrazines in CF while pulling those lovely red and black fruits forward.

    The Veritas CF 2020, in a recent tasting, does just that: an appaludable amount of soft red fruit without the presence of pyrazines. Good job!

  4. Robert Allen says:

    Andrew, Cab Franc is my favorite Veritas wine by far! For me, it’s a silky (is that a wine word?) red, not astringent as Merlot and more flavorful than Cab Sauvignon. Keep making it!!

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