Sparkling Wine Saga – Part 1 Witnessing Sparkling – Scintilla Special

August 25, 2020

  1. Steve Myers says:

    Hi Andrew. Very interesting and very readable article. As someone who rarely drinks sparkling wine I look forward to further thoughts. In the meantime, your remarks that malo-lactic bacteria colonize oak barrels appear to indicate they are unique to oak or have I misunderstood? Also, how much influence does soil have on taste?
    Regards Steve

  2. Hi Steve,
    The Malo-lactic bacteria are not unique to oak – the bacteria exist in the wild and can be brought into the winery from the vineyard.
    The second question is one in which most wine people disagree – I tend to think that the whole concept of “terroir” is over blown – especially with sparkling wine because as a general rule the vines are over cropped and the fruit is under ripe both factors would likely eliminate much influence from the soil. No one has ever been able to show that the chemical make up of wine has any relation to the chemical make up of the soil.
    Thanks for comments – keep tuned

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