Climate, Bottles, Bugs, and Summer Travels

September 13, 2022

  1. Christine Tonkins says:

    Hi Andrew,
    I was interested in the glass recycling information in your blog, that few wine bottles recycled because they are not returned! I read around and found that recycling of domestic glass – bottles and jars – in UK is over 70%; in the US only 30%! It does beg a question on how committed to climate change is the US government if the public are not in a habit of domestic recycling…or that the facilities to enable them to do so is not in place.

  2. John Macera says:

    If you make wine in cans, I promise I will buy some (just not that malbec – yuck).

  3. Deborah Parsons says:

    Beautiful pictures of everyone.

    So good to see you all having a good time.

  4. Sharon Dowe says:

    Hello from Jacksonville! About the recycling…could your wine club members keep the shipment box and return the empties (bottles) to Veritas to reuse? Just a thought….Wishing you all the very best. Sharon and FiFi.

  5. Sylvia Theriault says:

    We lived in Switzerland in the late 70’s. Recycling of wine bottles was expected and accomplished. All we need is a place to do so here, and I think our local population will be happy to participate.

    As Chief Bottle Recycler, is that something you can nudge along??

  6. Brandon Early says:

    Always a joy to read your updates, Andrew! Glad the family and vines are healthy!

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