The Summer of Change

September 16, 2021

  1. Bill Tonkins says:

    Well done Patricia and Lindsey and all concerned. I’m a little endian kind of guy. Wouldn’t do it any other way.

  2. Sandra and Renfro Manning says:

    My husband and I were so happy when Veritas opened in June 2002!! We found it to be and continues to be a beautiful Vineyard with top rated wines!
    From the beginning we’ve enjoyed wine tastings, meeting friends for lunch and Starry Nights. We joined the Wine Club and look forward to those events and other special events. We’ve enjoyed
    the New Years Eve Galas for several years! We now have a group of 12 from several States that take over the entire Farmhouse for the New Years Gala and Gabrielle is certainly a fabulous
    hostess!! Thank you for these many years at Veritas! We look forward to many more!

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