Unveiling Veritas: A Journey Through 25 Years Of Truth And Triumph

March 13, 2024

  1. Donice and Mike Gilliland says:

    Congratulations on this important anniversary and on the well- deserved accolades given to your fabulous wines! I want to offer a personal thank you for your part in seeing that our family had one of the nicest experiences in our lives – the wedding at Veritas of our son and his lovely bride in September 2023. Every single thing was absolutely perfect. Veritas will always hold a special place in our hearts!

  2. Dean Lohse says:

    Well, Andrew, you know I thought this a very bad idea.
    “A waste of a good neurologist” is what I believe I said, and kinda still believe. But I so admire what you and Patricia have done, and mostly I love seeing you happy, so I guess the world could do with one less neurologist. I love you both, I’m proud of you. Congratulations!

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