Real Winter Returns to Virginia

February 24, 2022

  1. Patricia says:

    Once again, really super newsletter!

  2. Harry Ogden says:

    Andrew, thanks for the good news about the winter snow on your vineyards. We were at Veritas in early February and saw it along with some of the pruners. Both impressive!

    And good for your children and their grandparents. When I told a friend where we’d been, to Veritas, he immediately said “truth.” Let’s keep spreading the truth – as well as looking to the horizon!

    All the best to you. And think spring!

  3. Paul Seehaver says:

    Great news letter … love the numbers!

  4. Dennis Brian Parces says:

    You’re vineyard is our favorite since that day 3 years ago that we found it by accident!! ( my wife needed a restroom or she would’ve had an accident…LOL). We enjoy your world class wine and your outstanding Chef’s culinary creations!!

  5. Carol Pomper says:

    Thanks for all the good information and congratulations on the gold! As children we always enjoyed a good snowstorm in Pennsylvania and always remember lots of great play in snow banks in building snow forts! Very fond memories oh, and to this day I still enjoy playing in the snow.

    Very interesting to hear about how snow plays a good role in winemaking industry, and the pollution of the Industrial and automobile industry has some benefit. Who knew!
    Happy Wintering❄💙! #wintermagic

  6. Holly Morgan says:

    CONGRATS on the Momentarius win…I was just returned from the winery and had an opportunity to enjoy it. I’ll have to plan my next trip around some of the events at the Homestead (sounds like fun)…
    As always, thanks for sharing and spring is right around the corner…


  7. Tyrice Brown says:

    I enjoyed this read because it educated me on vines and nitrogen – a relationship I didn’t know much about.

    I also like the intimacy of the family photos and sharing a bit about how you too feel disheartened by certain sociopolitical issues.

    One thing is for sure, a glass (or 2) of good wine shared with my husband has gotten me through a lot of tuff days !

    Thanks for the robust letter. I look forward to reading the next one !

  8. Michael Maloney says:

    A delightful note amid the gather gloom. Congratulations on the win! The breakdown by vine cost and production of the business was most illuminating. And in my early years I knew but one of my grandparents and so was sledding with my grandson last week…In a very real sense then we need more Veritas in all our dealings and the wisdom to recognize it.

  9. Dean Lohse says:

    Thanks for sharing, Andrew, on the blessing of snow. Beautiful grandchildren. I find mine the perfect antidote to melancholy. Blessings and peace to you.

  10. Bert Livingston says:

    Indeed, the “end of truth” is noted in the 1944 book, by FA Hayek, an Austrian Nobel Prize winner. The book “THE ROAD TO SERFDOM” Chapters 10 & 11
    Warning us all to accept truth only and maintain our legitimate honorable morals.

    Thank you for the newsletter ALL the, we do intend a trip your way in 2022!

  11. Lisa Goehler says:

    Thanks for the newsletter! Always. I love to learn about the vines and wines, and you educate in such an engaging way. As others have noted, a nice glass of Veritas wine does help me to live in the moment and appreciate what we have, in the face of what is going on in the world. So thanks for that too.

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