Winter In Reflection, with Andrew Hodson

March 27, 2020

  1. Sharon E Dowe says:

    Hello and Greetings from Sharon and FiFi in sunny Jacksonville! Tell us more about the virtual wine tasting and the Double Gold Award winner.
    Like all of you we have become nimbly adept navigating into our temporary “new normal”. I so look forward to reading your newsletters and can almost feel a gentle valley breeze blowing as I read them. Blessing s to you and yours, Sharon and Danielle “FiFi” Dowe

  2. Sharon Larkins-Pederson says:

    Andrew your words are semi comforting
    we are living in fearsome times
    I hope your optimism will find its way into many hearts
    Sharon Larkins-Pederson

  3. Rucker Snead says:

    Thanks for the newsletter. I always enjoy your musings. Looking forward to tasting and drinking your new releases.
    In Vino Veritas….

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