2020 Spring Newsletter, from Andrew Hodson.

June 12, 2020

  1. Deborah says:

    Your optimism is refreshing.

    Thank you.

  2. Judy Brancazio says:

    Dear Mr. Hodson,
    Thank you for heart grabbing letter ! Our family had to cancel our yearly trip to the Outer Banks this year. This is the time we would stop and visit Veritas and enjoy some fine wine on site. I just received my quarterly wine order. I will keep the family and the vineyards in my prayers. Please continue my auto wine mailings if and when able, along with your enjoyable updates. When we are able to find a rental for our family group, rest assured we will stop for some food and drink. Good luck and God Bless !

  3. Christine Casey says:

    Thank you for a fabulous luncheon dining experience on your shaded porch overlooking a beautiful vineyard and mountain view. The crab appetizer was so tasty and delicious paired with your wine. My shrimp dish was perfect with a nice contrast between the chilled cucumber/ apple and the kale/quinoa combos. My husband enjoyed the mushroom ravioli. Loved our perfect afternoon at Veritas. The Caseys

  4. Dean Lohse says:

    Great letter, great metaphor for life…”it is not the strong who survive; it is those who can adapt.” We can live without grapes , but we can’t live without each other. May you all be blessed with increasing closeness of your family.

  5. lynn noland says:

    Beautiful newsletter. So grateful to have you, your family and the vineyard in our community. Take care of yourselves, stay safe and stay with us

  6. K'lyn Keller says:

    I visited your winery several years ago when my husband and I were nearby training donkeys! Loved your wine, which even impressed our Sonoma County snob neighbors! I just want you to know how I felt your heart and honesty in what you wrote. Good luck; I will make an effort to mail order!

    • Thank you K’lyn,
      I was pleased to hear that your friends were impressed – Sonoma is my favorite CA location and tough competition for Virginia.
      Hope to see you back soon.
      Kind regards,


  7. Bert Livingston says:

    Andrew and Patricia, so good to hear that you’re avoiding Covid and all that goes with it. Being in Jacksonville now we get to evacuate in August. All is going well hope the family is good and the wine recovers! Cheers! Bert

  8. Laura O’Meara says:

    Nice website article about how Veritas is doing. Would love to come for wine and dinner one night. I was wondering if you still offer horseback riding at your winery?
    Thank you,

    Laura O’Meara

  9. Philip Stafford says:

    The Leslie Dwight poem that you ended your Comments on is a thoughtful and inspiring statement on these times. Thanks for sending it out into the world.
    With Regards,
    Philip Stafford

    • Hi Philip,
      Great to hear from you last time we saw each other was at the gym – the poem was perfect is perfect for all the craziness we are facing at the moment.
      Warm Regards,


  10. Nancy Mann says:

    This was a very encouraging, uplifting newsletter. It shows us how sticking together and being creative makes us stronger. looking forward to spending some time in a POD in October when we come for our annual trip to Virginia Wine Country. Best wishes to all of you.

  11. Robin Loving says:

    Mr, Hodson,
    Thank you so much for keeping us informed on all that is going on at Veritas in 2020. We were so sorry to hear about how the unexpected spring weather had affected the vines. My husband and I have missed our visits and wine tasting at Veritas in the last months, but we were so thankful that we were able to come and pick up our wine club wine during Covid. You and your employees were so organized and so helpful. Stay safe and we
    hope the latter part of 2020 will be a more positive time for Veritas.

  12. Crystal Rowe says:

    We are so happy you created the vineyard pods, the view and relaxation at Veritas were just what we needed to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary! After finishing up a school year teaching our 5 and 8 year olds, my husband working from home, and myself working as a nurse at the hospital, it has been challenging. Our first outing was there to celebrate, and we had such a great lunch! Keep adapting, we appreciate it!!

  13. Hi Nancy,
    Thank you for your comments – we look forward to seeing you – let us know when you come and we stop by and say Hello.
    Best regards,


  14. Holly Morgan says:

    Well said! We just returned from a short stint at the Vineyard. Introduced some friends to one of our very favorite places ( they were celebrating their 40th anniversary). As expected, they ❤️ it as much as we do. In spite of what is happening in the environment today, everything was great (as usual).

    Stay Healthy….

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